Penny Swift

Penny Swift is an experienced journalist who has worked on daily and Sunday newspapers in several parts of the world. Her specialties include news, investigative writing, consumer, health, and medical spheres. She has written more than 40 non-fiction books mostly about construction and home-related topics, as well as decorating and landscaping.

New Grand Strand Luxury Vacation Rentals Business Reinvents Opportunities for Property Owners & Guests

Myrtle Beach Grande Strand

A newly launched realty company is reimaging the possibilities of the Grand Strand’s most luxurious rentals for vacations and long-term rentals. Offering the best possible guest experiences in top quality rental units, Saltwater Grande does things differently. If you’re interest in luxury vacation rentals, don’t miss this one! It does sometimes pay to reinvent the wheel – in this case, …

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Call to Bring Embodied Carbon Upfront and Save the Planet

embodied carbon

By PENNY SWIFT On September 23, 2019, the same day that Donald Trump made an unexpected appearance at the opening of the U.N. climate summit in New York, the World Green Building Council (GBC) has released a lengthy report on the “climate emergency” the world is facing. Titled Bringing embodied carbon upfront: Coordinated action for the building and construction sector …

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Can Pesticides Designed to Kill Fleas and Ticks Kill Your Dogs?

Are you trying to protect your dogs from fleas and ticks using a commercial chemical treatment? If so, do you have any idea how safe it is to use? If you had the slightest inkling that the product you choose to might adversely affect or even kill your pet, would you still use it – even if the chances were …

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Disease-spreading Mosquitoes Sterilized by Australian Scientists

Disease spreading mosquitoes

A scientific trial aiming to eradicate deadly disease-spreading mosquitoes has successfully reduced their numbers by 80 percent, according to a news release issued by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research. Heralded as a landmark trial, it involved an international partnership between scientists at Verily and James Cook University and …

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More Than Half of American Women on Diet

an overweight american girl

More than half of the women in the United States are attempting to lose weight according to a study published by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) yesterday. A slightly lower percentage of men are trying to shed unwanted kilos, with a total percentage of 49.1 percent of men and women on diet and/or exercising in an endeavor …

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WPA Backs Muslim Athletes Objection to Lotto Logo

Lotto logo on new licence

By PENNY SWIFT Western Province Athletics (WPA) has announced that it will not take action against Muslim athletes who refuse to display the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) Lotto logo printed on Athletic South Africa (ASA) licences. Following complaints from a number of clubs, WPA has also labelled the issue involving licences and sponsors a “debacle”. According to the Holy Qur’an, …

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Ingredients in Antiseptic Wash Products Banned by FDA

Antiseptic wash products

By PENNY SWIFT  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today that many of the antiseptic wash products used by consumers are neither safe nor effective. As a result, a large number of antiseptic wash drugs commonly used in the manufacture of consumer antiseptic washes have effectively been banned, though only from 2017. A total of 19 antiseptic drug …

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Historic Ghost House Demolished Days After Heritage Impact Assessment Published

ghost house

By PENNY SWIFT Less than a week after publication of a heritage impact assessment (HIA) on an iconic haunted ghost house on the M4 near Durban, the building was razed to the ground. The demolition was ordered by the local eThekwini Council that had previously demanded the owner, Saantha Naidu Group of Companies, either restore the building or bulldoze it because it …

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Award-Winning Nigerian Floating School Wrecked

floating school

By PENNY SWIFT A controversial but much celebrated, award winning three-story floating school built on the Lagos Lagoon in 2013 has collapsed following torrential rain. Constructed as a prototype to show how floating buildings could improve the lives of the impoverished Makoko community, it was designed by Kunlé Adeyemi, a Nigerian architect, as a school. Called the Makoko Floating School, it …

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Explosive Surge in Malvertising and Ransomware During 2015

By PENNY SWIFT The world is at war not only on the ground, with ISIS and other terrorist groups causing chaos worldwide, but also in cyber space. And in some ways this is even more terrifying because none of us can see what’s happening. Flash exploits tripled and ransomeware doubled… and more than a quarter of Alexa 1000 web sites served …

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