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Gangsters on the Loose – Ukraine


Gangsters in Ukraine Imagine you are living your life and one day a crowd of gangsters break down the doors of your home and start shooting indiscriminately. They seem to have no object except to destroy your place and they pitilessly kill your mother and two children in front of …

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Doubts About Russian War in Ukraine


OPINION by Graeme Addison I have my doubts about the true causes of the war in Ukraine. Nothing can excuse the brutal and remorseless invasion by Russian forces. It’s pure murder, mindless destruction, and completely unnecessary even if Russia does want to dominate its neighbouring countries. Putin is certainly a …

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12 Deforestation Issues To Watch With Our Rainforests in 2022


by Rhett A. Butler Founder of Mongabay • Between rising deforestation in the Amazon, new financial and political commitments to reduce deforestation, and growing interest in “nature-based solutions” like conservation and reforestation, 2021 may prove to be a fateful year for the world’s tropical rainforests. • So what should we …

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