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Will the Greek Elections Strengthen the Hands of the Global South?

Greek elections

Now that Greece has the political endorsement to do so, it can quite legitimately threaten the EU with an intentional default. By ALEXANDER O’RIORDAN, Brussels  This week in the Greek elections, Greece elected into power the left-wing political party, Syriza, headed by Alexis Tsipras, who led the party to victory on an anti-austerity ticket, thus rattling financial markets by raising the ... Read More »

On Not Reducing Racism to Apartheid

By RICHARD PITHOUSE  We would be more effective at dealing with the endemic racism in our society if we didn’t relentlessly speak in a manner that reduces racism to apartheid and ‘apartheid tendencies’. The reason for this is not because historical trauma should be repressed and its consequences in the present naturalised. On the contrary it is because the development ... Read More »

South Africa’s Energy Crisis: Renewables for the Rich?

energy crisis

By SALIEM FAKIR South African citizens should brace themselves for a long journey of troubled co-existence with Eskom’s woes as the country’s energy crisis worsens. However, citizens with higher incomes are likely to become less dependent on Eskom because they can supply their energy needs through alternative power sources like renewables, solar-water heaters, gas and home-diesel generators. But poorer households ... Read More »

How Pragmatism Drove China’s Economic Transformation

How PragmChina's Economic Transformation

By SALIEM FAKIR Decline can happen rapidly and all before one’s eyes. Sometimes the response to it can be slow and even result in total neglect. In the case of China’s economic transformation, pragmatism a primary role. First, there’s generally denial or the inability to speak up. Then there’s some acceptance that things are not going well; and finally there may ... Read More »