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Disease-spreading Mosquitoes Sterilized by Australian Scientists

Disease spreading mosquitoes

A scientific trial aiming to eradicate deadly disease-spreading mosquitoes has successfully reduced their numbers by 80 percent, according to a news release issued by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research. Heralded as a landmark trial, it involved an international partnership between scientists at Verily and James Cook University and ... Read More »

Explosive Surge in Malvertising and Ransomware During 2015

By PENNY SWIFT The world is at war not only on the ground, with ISIS and other terrorist groups causing chaos worldwide, but also in cyber space. And in some ways this is even more terrifying because none of us can see what’s happening. Flash exploits tripled and ransomeware doubled… and more than a quarter of Alexa 1000 web sites served ... Read More »

Wearable Alcohol Biosensors Search Nears End

Wearable Alcohol Biosensors

By PENNY SWIFT The National Institutes of Health (NIH) will announce its selected wearable alcohol biosensor solutions mid-February. Designs of wearable alcohol biosensors will have the ability to monitor blood alcohol levels in real time and will be low profile and inconspicuous, and will appeal to wearers. While there is no hint yet as to exactly what these wearable devices ... Read More »

Google’s New Algorithm Will Kill the “News Scoop”

Google fuzzy search

Is Google Trying to  Kill the “News Scoop” with it’s new Algorithm? By JANEK SZYMANOWSKI An email dropped into my inbox this Friday with a report that Google intends to introduce a new algorithm. This will, it says, be part of Google’s on-going algorithm development to make the Internet more user-friendly and relevant. I subscribe to notifications from SiteProNews, a ... Read More »

How Race Determines Chance of Success at Online Dating

online dating

By MANDISI MAJAVU Sexual Attraction and Online Dating Last month Christian Rudder, co-founder of OkCupid, an online dating website, released statistical data collected over a five-year period about how people who subscribe to the website “weigh race in deciding attraction.” The data doesn’t reveal any new insights into the issue, which people of colour are not already aware of. For ... Read More »

Green Energy: Sacrificing Poverty Alleviation for Climate Financing?

green energy

By ALEXANDER O’RIORDAN Green energy could be something of a magic bullet for social and economic justice because it will inevitably erode elites’ grubby hold on energy resources such as coal, oil and gas in much of Africa. Small-scale and affordable green energy solutions democratise access to energy because instead of having to broker a deal with an often vested ... Read More »