‘Gentleman’s agreement’: Despite mining ban, Russia scours Antarctica for massive fossil fuel deposits

Russian seismic survey ship

by Tiara Walters, Daily MaverickMay 17, 2022 Supergiant oilfields are simmering below the Southern Ocean, the warming waters at the bottom of the Earth that wrap around the melting, icy Antarctic, a litany of Kremlin sources suggest. Despite the 1998 Antarctic mining ban — ratified by Russia and 28 other …

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Is There a Cure for Psoriasis?


Many medical experts insist there isn’t a cure, but the fruit of an African tree, Kigelia Africana can reverse psoriasis. I know. It reversed my condition. Here’s proof.  By PENNY SWIFT Psoriasis Can be Cured Millions of people suffer. But instead of getting medication that can cure the condition, typically, …

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10 Benefits of Cannabis

benefits of cannabis

10 Health Benefits of Cannabis that Everyone Should Know Marijuana has been used by humans in different ways for over 1,000 years. Over the years, research has proven that they are medical benefits of marijuana use. However, there have been public debates on the effects of cannabis on the body …

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Herd Immunity Today, Gone Tomorrow

corona herd immunity

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay By ALEX WELTE As of the time of writing (mid-October 2020), there is much talk in South Africa about a ‘second wave’ of COVID-19. In Europe, it is much more than talk, with COVID-19 diagnoses, hospital admissions, and deaths, not to mention ‘restrictions’, all …

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