Ukraine – A Historical Timeline

Ukraine town of Kamianets-Podilskyi

Thanks to the BBC for posting a historical timeline of the historic events in Ukraine from the 9th Century up to 2020. Even with my Polish roots, I had no idea of the turbid history that Ukraine has been through. A Chronology of Key Events: 9th century – Founding of Kievan …

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Gangsters on the Loose – Ukraine


Gangsters in Ukraine Imagine you are living your life and one day a crowd of gangsters break down the doors of your home and start shooting indiscriminately. They seem to have no object except to destroy your place and they pitilessly kill your mother and two children in front of …

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Doubts About Russian War in Ukraine


OPINION by Graeme Addison I have my doubts about the true causes of the war in Ukraine. Nothing can excuse the brutal and remorseless invasion by Russian forces. It’s pure murder, mindless destruction, and completely unnecessary even if Russia does want to dominate its neighbouring countries. Putin is certainly a …

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The Anti-Politics of Terrorism


By JANE DUNCAN Terrorism In the wake of the recent attacks in Sydney, Paris and Baga, it’s a word that’s been on many people’s lips. After the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, some have argued vehemently against trying to explain the context in which terrorism arises as an attempt to …

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