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Herschel Walker: US Senate candidate denies report he...

The Daily Beast reported the anti-abortion Republican paid for the procedure for a girlfriend in 2009.

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
Robert Gilman: Ex-US marine jailed in Russia for...

Robert Gilman is the latest American to be given a lengthy prison term in Russia.

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
Queen of Country music Loretta Lynn dies aged...

The singer's hits included Coal Miner's Daughter, Honky Tonk Girl and feminist anthem The Pill.

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
Why does time go forwards, not backwards?

The arrow of time began its journey at the Big Bang, and when the Universe eventually dies there will be no more future and no past. In between, what is...

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
Ukraine war: Liberated town shows human cost of...

The BBC's Orla Guerin finds desolate scenes in Lyman, a town Ukraine recaptured from Russia.

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
Ukraine war: Lyman retreat sparks rare criticism of...

Some pro-war Russians are tiring of what they perceive to be an overly cautious military leadership.

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
Timed Teaser: What's the name of Elon Musk's...

Test your knowledge of the news these last few days - 10 questions, 10 seconds each. Go!

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

It prompted a warning from the Japanese government for people in northern areas to take cover.

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
Confidence Man: Key revelations from new book on...

The former president weighed bombing Mexican drug labs and nearly fired his daughter, a new book claims.

  BBC News    04 Oct, 2022
Hurricane Ian: Florida death toll rises as criticism...

Florida officials are defending the timing of evacuation orders issued ahead of Hurricane Ian.

  BBC News    03 Oct, 2022

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