Baboon Matters

baboon matters

Monkey Business (Part 3) Cape Peninsula’s dated baboon management plan is a failure, say critics by Elsabé Brits September 6, 2021 The way the baboons in the Cape Peninsula are managed is hailed as a great success, but not everyone agrees. “I think because the programme is ‘sold’ as a …

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Obsession With Baboons

obsession with baboons

Why Baboons Can’t Take Photographs by Don Pinnock Unlike baboons, we have an understanding of representational visual or oral language. Why we have it and they don’t is an interesting way to understand photography and how we think. Despite taking thousands of photographs as a photojournalist, I’d never seriously considered …

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Baboon Management Plan

baboon management plan

Monkey Business (Part 2) Who is responsible for the management of baboons on the Cape Peninsula? by Elsabé Brits September 5, 2021 Bolo, a baboon from the Simon’s Town Waterfall Troop was killed in July, despite recovering from an injury after treatment by the SPCA. The killing prompted several questions. …

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Humans versus Baboons

humans versus baboons

Monkey Business (Part 1) There is an ongoing urban war on the Cape Peninsula — humans versus baboons by Elsabé Brits September 2, 2021 For as long as there have been humans and baboons, there have been conflicts over resources. The idea that the violent separation of baboons and their …

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