Graeme Addison

Journalist, Author, Adventure Tour Guide Trainer, longtime Riverman. • Also Professor of Communication. • Author at Of the 3-volume Edge series on SA innovation course facilitator at Institute for the Advancement of Journalism • Former Freelancer at Wildthing Adventures • Former Professor of Communication at University of the North West, Mafikeng • Former Lecturer in Journalism at Rhodes University • Freelance Journalist • Studied at Rhodes University

Ramaphosa is a Poster Child No More


The gross blunder of President Ramaphosa in foreign policy – silencing those in ANC ranks who condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – is going to cost South Africa dearly. Although the US Ambassador to this country says we will reason friends it’s perfectly obvious that the majority of nations look …

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Gangsters on the Loose – Ukraine


Gangsters in Ukraine Imagine you are living your life and one day a crowd of gangsters break down the doors of your home and start shooting indiscriminately. They seem to have no object except to destroy your place and they pitilessly kill your mother and two children in front of …

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Doubts About Russian War in Ukraine


OPINION by Graeme Addison I have my doubts about the true causes of the war in Ukraine. Nothing can excuse the brutal and remorseless invasion by Russian forces. It’s pure murder, mindless destruction, and completely unnecessary even if Russia does want to dominate its neighbouring countries. Putin is certainly a …

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