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Your Visitors are also Targets With The Forbes Hack

cyber hackers

This post arrived in my inbox yesterday and as we publish a number of websites using WordPress I was interested in how sophisticated and devious these hack attacks are becoming. Mark Maunder CEO and founder of Wordfence, a cybersecurity plugin for WordPress, comments on the Forbes hack attack and even though he explains that the hack was not one that ... Read More »

Virginia Passes Bill to Rein in Restraints of School Kids

Many schools in the state still have no policies or rules around pinning kids down This story by Heather Vogell, written for ProPublica, unearths some of the barbaric practices that are being used today in a country that is supposedly the leader of the free world. The State of Virginia is at least making a move in the right direction to ... Read More »

What Types of Apple Smart Watch Games can you Expect

Apple iphone smart watch

When the Apple Watch was announced, its developers appreciated its capacity for efficient communication, health tracking, navigation and more. However what wasn’t discussed was its prospective effect on gaming. Gaming is one of the biggest industry in mobile and wearable sector. Developers and game studios are already very curious about the possibilities and future of gaming on Apple Watch. Gaming ... Read More »

How to Get to Play Hockey for Your National Team

One of the most popular team sports in Canada is hockey and some of the best known Canadian athletes are hockey players. Successful hockey players are often a product of years of hard work, training, dedication and good nutrition among many other things. A good hockey workout program is an essential component of the training of any aspiring pro hockey ... Read More »

HR Trends for 2015

The HR function is as integral to delivering business value and profit as IT, accounting, purchasing and sales. The most valued HR practitioners are tactical practitioners with strong operational roots whose ability to deliver consistent value through the organisation’s employees have earned their place at the core of the leadership team. Without ensuring you have great people with great skills ... Read More »