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25 Quick Diet Fixes: Lose a Stone by Valentine’s Day The Painless Way

25 Quick Diet Fixes. Like many of us, are you feeling bloated and saggy after too much festive fun and cheer? Don’t get depressed – slimming gain needn’t mean pain. Just by making small tweaks to your daily routine this can make a huge difference to your waistline. If you were to lose two pounds a week for the next …

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Monkey Business: Peanuts Rate as a Top Antioxidant

top antioxidant

Researchers at the University of Florida say that peanuts rate high along with many fruits when it comes to their role as an antioxidant, making them a top antioxidant. They are also an excellent choice for people on a low fat high carb diet, because they contain “good” fat. According to Prof. Steve Talcott from the university’s Department of Food …

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15 of the Best Super Foods you should eat more of

Everyone wants the secret to living a long healthy life. The truth is that super foods are the answer and this is so obvious, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before. It’s all got to do with lifestyle … and a HUGE part of lifestyle is the food we choose to eat. To help you lead a long, …

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Keep Yourself Motivated about Diet and Exercise

We all know the deal.  Diet and exercise. Exercising and working out is the “do it yourself deal” that isn’t really ever over. No one can do it for you and if the truth be told there aren’t magic pills or machines that can do it for us, but if you put the work in you get the results. The …

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