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Keep Yourself Motivated about Diet and Exercise

We all know the deal.  Diet and exercise. Exercising and working out is the “do it yourself deal” that isn’t really ever over. No one can do it for you and if the truth be told there aren’t magic pills or machines that can do it for us, but if you put the work in you get the results.

The biggest problem is that the majority of overweight, out-of-shape people don’t grasp this concept or tend to make excuses and procrastinate, and even lie to themselves when they need to start diet and exercise.

No one wants to be overweight or out of shape and unfortunately, once you are it is difficult to get fit again and stay that way, Everyone wants to look great and be healthy however even if you envision this for yourself, just remember it’s never to late to start your diet and exercise.

The biggest problem that many are faced with is that you may not even realize it, and it’s not your fault. Technology and Machines have taken over our lives, doing so much for us, this is great and it allows us to get a huge amount done but it means that we aren’t using our bodies as much anymore.

Another problem is the way people eat, take for example a big breakfast, it’s not uncommon to see things like eggs, bacon, toast, sausage, hash browns and maybe even some pancakes on people’s plates. This breakfast sounds great, if you are about to go and put in a full day of hard labor like farming which these days is uncommon, even most farmers these days don’t do the same amount of physical work that they used to.

If you aren’t burning the calories your body doesn’t need all that food.

Most fail in their pursuit of fitness or weight loss because they don’t stick with it, either they go back to an unhealthy diet or give up on exercising. In the end they land up right back where they started feeling worse than before.

The best way to get yourself to stick with it and help yourself achieve your goals is to get motivated and stay motivated.

Have an overall goal

If you just come up with something like “I want to lose weight and look good” I’m sorry to say you will most likely fail. You need to pay more attention to detail.

Figure out exactly where you want to be.  Envision yourself and what you will look like in the end and keep this in your mind (this might be difficult but it does help you to stay motivated). Make a list of your exact goals that you are going to achieve and be precise with these goals.

  • I am going to lose 25lb
  • I am going to build, tone and define my body
  • I am going to get my body fat down to 12%

from fat to thin

Set and Reset smaller Goals!

Make smaller goals for yourself and reset the goals as you reach them, challenge yourself but start out small and build up.

  • lose 1lb –> 3lb –> 5lb –> 10lb….

Create a strategy

You need to balance diet and exercise in order to succeed, look at the top athletes and the strict diets and workout routines that they are on.
Whichever form you choose, creating a mix of both will benefit you more in the long run.

You can try things like getting rid of clothes that are a little bigger for you only allowing yourself to wear clothes that fit as long as you stick to your diet and routines. In the end you either look good wearing your clothes or you go naked, this should create some pretty good motivation.

Keep track of your goals and achievements

Keep a track record of what you have achieved while you diet and exercise and what you still need to do. This will help you improve on your weaknesses and help you adjust your strategy to suit your needs

Taking before and after photos is a great idea but one better is to take photos at each milestone you reach.

Create a time board with the end goal being a figure of what you want to look like and fill in the middle with your milestones. Being able to visually see how well you are doing can keep you on track.

Cheat and reward (BUT don’t overdo it)

Something that I believe in is that you need to cheat in order for your “Diet” to be successful. You can and should occasionally eat those foods that you love eating but aren’t because it is not in your diet. Remember though DON’T OVER-DO IT! moderation is the key.

Reward yourself for reaching a goal if you like but don’t go overboard and end up taking ten steps backwards.

Make a Team Effort

Get a friend or a partner to join you and help out even if they don’t need the diet and exercise, it can help to have some support and encouragement. It is always easier to achieve your goals if you have some help, if you do have a partner that needs to reach their own goals helping each other out and track each other’s progress will help you both keep motivated to reach your goals.

In the end you have to put in the hard work and effort or you WILL NOT  get anywhere, you aren’t just “dieting” or working out, you are making a lifestyle change. Even once you reach your goals you will still have to eat well and keep active to stay healthy and fit.

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