“Sunday Morning” Full Episode 5/31

“Sunday Morning” Full Episode 5/31


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Hosted by Jane Pauley. In our cover story, Mo Rocca explores whether the “New Normal” may ever go back to the old one. Plus: Lee Cowan talks with Jon Bon Jovi and Jewel about how COVID-19 is coloring today’s music, while Anna Werner sizes up how TV commercials are changing their messaging because of the pandemic; David Pogue gets a read on the rise in audiobooks; Mark Phillips looks at the history of facemasks, from tool in the fight against disease transmission to fashion statement; Jim Gaffigan reports on Week 11 of quarantine; with gyms closed, Nancy Giles works up a sweat with her in-home Peloton exercise equipment; and Luke Burbank samples a new pandemic tradition, the virtual cocktail hour. Cheers!

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