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More Than Half of American Women on Diet

an overweight american girl

More than half of the women in the United States are attempting to lose weight according to a study published by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) yesterday. A slightly lower percentage of men are trying to shed unwanted kilos, with a total percentage of 49.1 percent of men and women on diet and/or exercising in an endeavor …

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Exercise and Consumption of Fruit & Veg up, but so Is Obesity

Research shows that people are eating much more fruit and vegetables, but that the worldwide obesity epidemic continues to worsen. So that puts the theory that we need to eat more fruit and veg in the can… or does it? Maybe not. Rather it seems that while people have cottoned on to the need to up their consumption of fruit …

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The Real Meal Revolution [Video]

Eating a low-fat diet that is high in carbohydrates will not prevent you from having a heart attack. In fact you are less likely to suffer from heart disease if you eat lots of fat – provided it is the right type of fat. This is the gospel of a team of South Africans headed by sometimes controversial Professor of …

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