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What Types of Apple Smart Watch Games can you Expect

When the Apple Watch was announced, its developers appreciated its capacity for efficient communication, health tracking, navigation and more. However what wasn’t discussed was its prospective effect on gaming. Gaming is one of the biggest industry in mobile and wearable sector. Developers and game studios are already very curious about the possibilities and future of gaming on Apple Watch.

Gaming may not be an sole purpose for wearables due to the small screen size, but there are certainly some interested and cool concepts that this always-with-you technology presents. And while we know Apple’s smartwatch is currently entering an already congested arena of almost same devices, this is what tech savvy public was anticipating for years and will surely welcome it in app development.

What type of games could an Apple Watch, or any smartwatch user, take pleasure in? Here are few of the best possible ideas described by Mashable that would work within the hardware’s limitations.

Simple games that use the Digital Crown

As Apple’s team described it while announcing, needing to access the touch screen a lot is difficult on a watch face since your fingers restrict your view. So there is a Digital Crown to allow users to scroll and zoom through details. That suggests the games can’t rely too much on touch controls, and instead need to make use of the crown’s rotation for activities. So something simple with one-touch controls would be perfect.

Few examples can be unlimited runners such as Skyscraper Jumper or Jetman Freestyle, or perhaps the simple insanity of a game such as Deadly Spikes.

Activity based Games

Gamification is a term that is beyond overused, however with the fitness tracking on the Apple Watch, it might experience a new life. For some, exercising towards a goal tracked in a game is bigger motivation. Everyone who loves to play games, would have played the games like Temple Run, Zombie Run, which gamifies running by simply needing a bit much faster running to get away the flesh-eating animals chasing you.

If running while using your Apple Watch can open few new worlds to explore in a game, or new challenges, it could be more motivating to use. There are a lot of space and potential in wearable sector for more creative apps, especially when comparing it with the smartphone.

Managing your Mobile Games

Anyone who has actually played freemium games such as FarmVille or Clash of Clans knows how this sort of game needs to operate. Instead of investing some money, they ask for your time. A great deal of time, given that you have to continuously check in, or danger missing the advantage of your recently created energy important for completing tasks. Freemium games just enable a specific variety of actions before you’re done”, and the player needs to wait for his energy to replenish or purchase more.

So for these complex but free-to-play spiral, a quick way to user interface with game via your Apple Watch might save time, especially if they can queue up tasks on wrist instead of pulling out a phone. And after that no one can evaluate you for still playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Virtual Pets of the 1990s

Tamagotchis, Neopets and many others of this genre were very popular back in the 1990s. Tamagotchi has actually had a rebirth as an app, it’s basically can be a good smartwatch, where it can be played more efficiently. And though the Apple Watch has a much more innovative screen than the pixelated LCD screen, it certainly could not harm to leave these beasts with the very same appeal.

NFC-based Games

With the Apple Watch’s added near-field communication, there are plenty of options for communication in between watch owners, and even NFC-enabled areas. This idea is undoubtedly cribbed from Nintendo, merely due to the fact that the 3DS handheld has done a dynamite job of offering players multiple benefit experiences when they pass near another 3DS user, even if they aren’t familiar with it.

Nintendo has actually done this both with 3DS Streetpass games, where coming across other players helps you fill in a puzzle with pieces they supply, or with functions in specific titles. Going by another player who also owned Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds deposited their shadow in your game world, and winning a battle versus them gave you loot.

Picture a game where your carefully leveled warrior fought any other Apple Watch warrior it entered contact with, and you could see how they did at the end of the day. Or a game that provided you new levels based upon the number of other users you came across that day. These make up simply the tip of the iceberg, but the addition of NFC can include a great deal of innovative opportunities for gaming.

Story by Sarah Zohar (ArticlesBase)

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