Game Workers Unite Are Right About the Flaws Exposed by COVID 19

Game Workers Unite Are Right About the Flaws Exposed by COVID-19

  • COVID-19 is having a massive effect on the games industry.
  • Game Workers Unite have asked for people to take more care of all of our workers.
  • GWU is entirely correct, and it’s time to start thinking about the changes we need to make.

COVID-19 is currently infesting the world and revealing some critical issues in society. From medical care to the job market, things just aren’t working all that well. We’re also discovering that jobs we’ve been told are ‘unskilled’ for years, are quite vital to the world.

The virus is revealing the insecurity of other jobs, even in video games. Many people responsible for the release and creation of games are losing their jobs. Game Workers Unite are calling for these jobs to be made more secure, and they’re right.

Game Workers Unite are one of the groups sticking up for those being left behind. | Source: Twitter

COVID-19 Is Destroying Supply Lines and the People Responsible for Them

In a recent post from the game industry unionization activists, Game Workers Unite shined a light on the lack of security for several industry jobs. From QA testers to those who package and ship hard copies, many people are losing their jobs, or going without guaranteed sick pay or medical coverage.

Now that the world is in an international emergency, the massive problems faced by many industry workers are finally getting some attention.

The world now has a responsibility to those it’s leaving behind. COVID-19 is having a massive impact on workers who don’t have health benefits, sick pay, or a million other safety nets that some of us take for granted.

After It’s All Over, the Industry Needs to Change

Once the world has taken care of COVID-19, there will need to be some changes. First, everyone from freelancers to office cleaners needs to have health plans and sick pay. We cannot leave behind a sizable percentage of the industry during a crisis.

With game budgets and profits continually breaking records, there’s no reason why companies can’t afford to take care of everyone. If a global crisis like COVID-19 doesn’t reveal the need for change, then nothing ever will.

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