The Project: Kate Langbroek wishes she left Italy to ride out COVID-19

The Project: Kate Langbroek wishes she left Italy to ride out COVID-19

As Australia continues to succeed in flattening the curve, radio star Kate Langbroek has admitted she wishes she left Italy to ride out COVID-19 months ago.

The Australian radio star spoke to The Project panel from her home in Bologna, where she has been in quarantine with her husband Pete Lewis and four kids for almost three months, scoffing when asked if she regrets deciding to stay in Italy throughout the pandemic.

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“Obviously you are following Australia and how we’re doing, we’re kind of smashing it to be honest,” Helliar began.

“Are you looking at us going, ‘Maybe we should have returned earlier … Why didn’t we get out?’,” he posed, to which Langbroek immediately exclaimed: “What do you think, Helliar?!”

“You are one of the people on the lifeboat on the Titanic yelling out at the band as the boat goes down, ‘Do you wish you were in here, mate?’,” she joked.

“Thanks for the comfort!”

The former Hit Network radio host has been open about her Italian experience in lockdown, given the country has been hit devastatingly hard by the virus.

Earlier this month, Langbroek called into Fox FM Melbourne and detailed an “aggressive” run-in she had with police while the couple went to the grocery store to buy Easter eggs on Good Friday.

She said they were told they weren’t allowed to be outside together.

“Italians have that knack. They can look at us and know we are not Italian,” she told radio hosts Dave Hughes and Ed Kavalee.

“I was so annoyed. I hate the one-size-fits-all rule. I said, ‘I’ve got four children at home, that’s a lot of food, that’s a lot of carrying on my own’.

“They were a bit surprised by how aggressive I was.

“They respect that attitude because it’s the attitude of an Italian woman. They’re quite forthright.

“That’s my new strategy. I’m going to be aggressive.”

Speaking on The Project Thursday night, Langbroek shared a much lighter Italian lockdown tale – revealing the language barrier presented a hilarious obstacle early this week.

“I bought a tin of tuna and I just bought it because I loved it, it was such a beautiful tin. My tin of beautiful tuna isn’t food. It’s cat food,” she said in a recorded snippet from her Instagram stories.

“Do you normally make your tuna mornay with cat food?,” guest panellist Em Rusciano joked.

“I’ve stopped learning Italian while I’m in isolation and the kids are doing it at school but I’m frozen now in this weirdly interior world where I’m speaking English to friends back home and when I venture outside, I realise I’m actually in a strange land, and it’s a very strange, strange land,” Langbroek responded of navigating a foreign country throughout COVID-19.

Langbroek and her family packed up and left Australia – and her radio co-hosting gig – for an Italian adventure in January 2019.

The Project airs Monday – Friday from 6.30pm on 10.

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